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At Heller Capital, our Purpose is “to positively impact the life of every single person we meet.” To that end, we have created Circle of Hope (COH). COH seeks to extend into communities where our companies are centered and where employees work and live. In conjunction with our Companies’ donations, employees contribute with payroll deductions matched by their Company. 

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Our Focus

Quarterly Engagements

The COH Executive Committee selects non-profit entities that are important, relevant, and proximate to employees based on established criteria for giving and allot 45% of the quarter’s received dollars to these Local Focus entities.  Additionally, 45% of the quarter’s received dollars are allocated to 1-2 National / International Entities meeting similar criteria. The remainder of the funds are stored in an Emergency Fund and specifically for employees throughout the portfolio in a time of need. 


Quarter: Q1

Promoting Physical and Mental Health

Leading national nonprofit organization providing referrals, education, and support for individuals experiencing eating disorders.

Quarter: Q2

Building a Better Community

Honoring and respecting the dignity of all people and providing a better life in our communities for young and old. Relating to our quarter theme, all incoming funds are distributed to local organization recommendations.

Quarter: Q3

Supporting Children’s Health

Horizon 'Empower the Orphaned' strives to empower orphaned and vulnerable children and at risk youth a life of self-sustainability in Kenya, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Quarter: Q4

Supporting People in Crisis

Zoe International works to prevent human trafficking, rescue children who are victims of trafficking, and restore of the lives of children who have been rescued.

Hands On

Get Involved!

We extend our hands to make a difference in our communities each year. In Lancaster, we coordinate a time for fellow employees to engage in volunteer services within their community by partnering with local nonprofits. Not only does volunteering with these organizations helps fulfill their mission, but also provides volunteers the experience to make a tangible difference in their communities fostering personal growth, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

From Our Friends

DVGRR has received the generous check to help care for the dogs here at DVGRRPlease know you are helping many dogs in our care, and we appreciate this gift more than words can express.

Your investment played a pivotal role in propelling ASSETS to achieve remarkable milestones in serving the Lancaster community. Last year saw a surge in applications for our training programs, reflecting the growing enthusiasm among entrepreneurs eager to develop their business ideas. This success is a testament to your support and the trust bestowed upon us by the entrepreneurial community.

Once again, many thanks for the Circle of Hope and Heller Capital’s investment in MFE. Your support is truly music to our ears.

Thank you so, so much for your generous contributionIt will go to feed and clothe those in need on the streets of Norristown, PA.

This is great news, thank you so much! We will put your donation to great use as we help many people transition from homelessness to stability.

Inza Adams

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

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Music for Everyone

Vincent DePaul

God Feeds Ministry

Nate Hoffer

CEO, Good Sam Ephrata

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