How We Partner


We build successful partnerships

We believe in building strong, lasting partnerships by living out our Purpose and Values, practicing a Shared Fate philosophy, engaging Patient, Flexible, and Creative Capital and adhering to our proven proprietary process: The Heller Capital Way – Super Six

Target Profiles

Concept Founder
Partner with Concept Founder
Strategic Asset to augment a Portfolio Company
Distressed Asset to turn around

Company Life Cycles

Startup: Ideate, Inception, and Launch
Early: Achieve Revenue, Ramp to Critical Mass
Mid: Achieve Critical Mass, Stability, Profitability
Mature: Prepare for Liquidity Event

Achieve Success

Ensure Cultural Alignment
Identify & Assess Risks
Maintain Fiscal Tenants
MOIC of 3-5x Invested Capital over 5-7 years


We invest in you

Our philosophy intrinsic within the Super Six is partnership, shared fate, and mutual accountability as we are in this “together” and will see each other as “partners” with a common goal and common purpose as we co-author the chapters of success.



Participate in a bi-annual strategic planning retreat. Subsequent to development, the Strategic Plan will be benchmarked and communicated through a quarterly State of the Union with all Company stakeholders present for mutual accountability and transparency.


Review our Core Purpose and Values to discern alignment and/or adoption. Companies will be responsible to use it to set the cultural standards, establish accountability, and embrace it in the professional life of all organization stakeholders.


Focus on the continuous development and improvement of People, Process, and Systems. People will be hired, onboarded, developed, and retained using standardized processes to ensure success from Day 1. The systems will be established to ensure every Company both gets what they need and maintains accountability to using these systems for continued success.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Develop an annual CAPEX and OPEX Pro Forma that includes the top five key financial metrics of Company. The key financial data will be presented to the board via monthly reporting that will include a budget to actual comparison to track performance.


Participate in Heller Capital functions and events.  These include, but are not limited to, leadership summits, team development sessions, decompression days, holiday events, etc.


Implement monthly 1:1 meetings, leadership meetings for operational excellence, and board meetings to report on performance. State of the Union meetings will be held quarterly to update all stakeholders on present status of the Company and build relationships amongst the team.